Love Bugs

Since its coming up to valentines day and Agent M has been champing at the bit to make something with me, i decided we should make something "Love themed".

A quick Pinterest search threw up 'Pom Pom Love Bugs' and Agent M was sold.

He'd never made his own pom poms before so it seemed like a perfect way to spend a holiday afternoon.

Mama boiled the kettle for the hot chocolate and coffee, while Agent M raided my wool stash and we got set to it.

There are special little machines you can buy to make pom poms (but we don't have any) and I've seen some people make them using forks (or even their hands) but i decided it would be easier to make a template and use cardboard.

I found a website Homemade gifts made easy which had 3 different sized templates. Agent M picked the in between size (6cm) and mama started cutting.

To make proper pom poms you should use both of these templates for one pom pom but we needed the bugs to have a flat base so we just used one template each.

Feel free to have a look at the instructions on the Homemade gifts made easy for the tutorial on making full ones.
Agent M waiting patiently 

Once cut out, we got set making the bugs.

We folded the the template in half and started winding the wool around the loop half. I like when pom poms are nice and fully so we kept going till it was nice and thick.

I chose the pink wool and Agent M chose the red ... We decided since we are planning to send them down to Granny and Aunt Midge, we would make them one each.

Deep in concentration while discussing Harry Potter

Once they were nice and chunky, i cut down the middle of the template while holding the wool tight. It did take me a while as i could only find my tiny scissors. I wasn't loving Agent M's suggestion we use my Hairdressing scissors *insert horrified look here*

3 outta 4 of the bug bodies

After Agent M finished his last one, it was time to break out the googly eyes and PVA glue. I figured this was a job Agent M could do on his own while i made us some lunch.

I think he made a pretty good job of them ... He was very happy with the outcome and now has developed a taste for pom pom making.

Hope Granny and Auntie like them too :)

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  1. These are such cute DIYs haha <3
    Thank you for sharing, love


    1. And I've now found out they are versatile. Agent M has made a host of Aliens and Monsters too :) xxx

  2. Aww these are cute! Might just have to make a family of my own!

    1. We're becoming over run with a love bug infestation lol ... He's definitely got the hang of pom pom making :) xxx

  3. theyre so cute! what a great idea these would be great for when my girls get abit older thank you for linking up to #sundaystars


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