Rubbish start to the February break

I know that the school holidays differ between Scotland and England, and even then the schools in Glasgow sometimes have different holidays from that in Ayrshire (just 30 miles or so down the road) ... But Friday was the first day of the break at Agent M's school, and in typical fashion, he woke up not well :(

So we took a trip down town to get some Calpol and Cough medicine. 

And while there we decided to get a wee cuppa coffee (and in his case a babychino)

I don't normally like to go into Costa as its kinda expensive (and don't do student discounts) but its not often that Agent M and i get to have some Mummy and Teeny time :) 

He loves the babychinos they have which is just a mini hot chocolate (though you can get it just hot milk) and its only 55p so i don't feel too bad treating him to one.

Though he thought he would be sneaky and pinch a taste of my Caramel Latte when he thought i wasn't looking. Little did he know, i was watching him though my camera lens so i could get a photo ... Sneaky mummy :)

So he could take some Calpol (he's not keen on the taste) i bought us a bag of mini muffins to have. 

Lets just pretend that they didn't cost me £2.10 for a tiny bag ... They were nice though :)

 Afterwards we went and got some food shopping and baking supplies. I'm hoping to make some macarons (or is it macaroons?) this weekend, sick child permitting of course.

Since he wasn't feeling his best i let Agent M decide on dinner ... Chicken and Mushroom Tagliatelle.

Bless his wee cotton socks though, after dinner he just wanted to go read in his bed. When i went up to check on him he was out like a light snuggling into the corner of his bed.

Here's hopping he perks up a bit cause Mama has some nice wee things planned for his week off.

Are your little one's off too? Do you love it or hate it?


  1. I hope he's better soon mine aren't off for another week 13th I think they break up. I do live Costa but yes it's very pricey! Hardly take kids in there! Xx

    1. I doubt i'll be back in for a while. The frugal part of my brain is still weeping lol. Couldn't work out how it was about £6 for 1 coffee, 1 mini hot chocolate and a bag of mini muffins. Mental!

      Hopefully he'll be on the mend. Hate seeing him ill :( xxx

  2. Hope he's better soon, I was always ill on school holidays - used to really annoy the crap out of me!

    1. He's been calpo'd and put to bed after a steamy shower. I'm adament to get him better cause i hate seeing him poorly. Its the cough thats worse cause its what i think is making him be sick :( xxx


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