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M is for ...

Remember this ... Its been a WHILE! April to be exact! 

I swear i'll get the hang of this some time lol

While we were on holiday i took a trip to the Hobby Craft store and seen a kit that i wanted to try and i decided to share it with you ... Thats why M is for MOSAIC

I have wanted to try mosaics for a wee while but the whole adhesive glues and grout thing kind of put me off for a while. For the first time trying a craft i wanted a smaller project to do so i was happy when i found these kits in Hobby Craft.

They have an adhesive backed coaster so all you have to do is stick the mosaic tiles on ... Simple :)  Inside the kit is a small bag of tiles ... in this case Pink tones and the acrylic coaster with the adhesive glue on the back.

The packet has a pattern on the back which you can follow however i decided to go with the flow and make a random pattern. The instructions are pretty clear too ... Peel the paper back a little at a time and place the individual tiles on one at a time.
 I will say the the adhesive backing is really strong so make sure you are very carefully placing the tiles on. I had to keep stopping every wee while to help Agent M out with a project so its a little all over the place but I'm still happy with my first attempt.

Plus the slightly wonky look is actually quite nice ... What with me being weird and all :)

And its big enough to hold large mugs ... Cause i don't actually own small/regular ones anymore :)
I bought a blue one too so that Agent D can have a matching one ... plus i get to have another go at mosaics ... Win Win :)

You can find this and many other coaster kits on the Hobby Craft Website or in store

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