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Galt Fab Foil Art Kit

I love getting crafty with Agent M. Its a great way to see his creative mind express itself and its also a fun bonding experience for us.

Quite often when we sit at the table to make something, he'll start a conversation about something that's been on his mind and we can go from there.

This week we have been enjoying some kits that we bought for our rainy day box ... One of which is this Foil Art Kit from Galt.

Its not such a messy craft which was a nice change of pace.

The kit comes with 8 pictures to 'colour' and 25 foil sheets.

The pictures have little sticker sections and all you have to do is peel back the sticker and rub on the foil.

Its really easy and it was a great activity as you can chose to colour the pictures however you like :)

Here's my floral pattern ... I went for the jazzy petals

And here's Agent M's Robot ... He out jazzed me and went really colourful :)

You can buy the kit directly from the Galt Website HERE or on Amazon

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