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Blogmas - First day of Advent Calenders

Its that festive time of year again ... When we are all trying to get into the Christmas spirit and some of us dedicate our blogs to the Blogmas Challenge.

Every day up to Christmas day i will be blogging and sharing with you how we will get into the festive mood.

Today is day one when we got to open our Advent Calenders before Work/School ... And Shabba was VERY excited lol.

This year i was gifted the Boots No7 Advent Calender from my wee sister as my Christmas prezzie and i have been excited to open if for most of November ... This morning i think i was more excited than Agent M to get in about it :) It has 25 gifts, some of which are full sized. I love No7 products so I'm really excited to get to add to my collection every day till Christmas.

I got a protect and perfect day cream in today's box. I've never tried the protect and perfect range but i have their essential moisture day cream so i can assume this one will be just as good. Being a mini means i can pop it in my make-up bag too :)

Agent M got the Lego City Calender again this year and as usual the box opens out so that you can set up the pieces as a play set. There are 24 gifts in this calender which range from mini items to build (like today's car) to mini figures to play with. This is his 3rd year getting the Lego Calender and like every other year, he's chuffed to bits :)

Shabba even got in on the Advent Fun with his own dog friendly Chocolate Advent Calender. Its kinda funny that the only one that has Chocolate in their calender is the dog (who technically shouldn't be eating chocolate) but its made for dogs so its OK (i hope).

It was fun watching Agent M get all excited about the Advent Calender this morning as i was worried this Christmas wouldn't be as magical for him now he's "too old for Santa" but with any luck he'll still love it as much ... and this will be our first Christmas with Shabba too so i know he'll be getting spoilt too :)