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Last year of my 20s

I'm not nor have i every really thought of myself as being "young". I didn't have a rebellious teenage stage and have pretty much lived independently from my early teens. 

Although the first 25 years of my life had been, shall i say complicated, Its not something that i dwell on. I don't see the point as its not going to change anything. If anything, i am somewhat grateful now for my hardships - I know i can survive and there is nothing more empowering than that!

But as i enter the last year of my 20's, i wonder what i want to take into this next chapter of my life.

30 is a big deal for me. Many women i went to school with are terrified of the big three zero but i am looking forward to it. For me its like the end of this chapter of life. I don't know why but being 30 seems like the age you really become an adult. 

I'm interested to see how i would be as a more 'adultier-adult'. In my head i can completely imagine waking up on October 12th 2017 and just know about mortgage interest rates and political stances. My hair might change overnight into a "mum" hairstyle and i can automatically balance a budget, while folding washing and simultaneously make school lunches.

In reality, it's probably just another day but to me its a goal. And i need that.

So I'm setting myself little goals for my last year of my 20's. There are loads of lists of things to do before your 30's but this little list of my goals is important to me and what i would like to achieve.

Start my own profitable business - I would like to have a way to generate an income from a hobby, be it blogging or crafting, i would like to turn my hobby into a profitable in-devour. I've seen many people do it so would love to mange it myself.

Learn to drive - This one is big for me as I've been wanting to learn for a while but it just costs so much money. I have always had other expenses that i needed to use any extra cash for so spending £30+ on an hour lesson just seemed too extreme. But i want to learn!

Have my own crafting space - Right now i blog on my bed as its the easiest spot, i craft at the dining room table or on the floor, i knit in bed and i stitch on the sofa. I don't have a specific crafty space and i really want one. Be it my own little room or even a space with a nice desk in the corner of my room. Whatever it is, i need one as I'm fed up having to look through boxes to find my crafty stash.

Redecorate my house - My lovely little house is in desperate need of a make over. Not that its nasty looking or that its trashed, but I've had the same wallpaper for 16+ years in most rooms and my hall carpet has seen better days. I want to give it a fresh lick of paint and make it look and pretty again.

Hit 1000 all round - My blog is important to me and although i have been unable to keep up as much as i would like in the past month or two i want to remedy this. I want to create a successful blog and in doing so hit 1000 all round - All round being social media followers and daily page views. I don't know why but 1000 just feels like a good number. I know some blogger friends who have triple this daily and i know of some who have 10 times this but for me - 1k is the magic number!

As well as my desire to get debt free by my 30's its an achievable list i think ... Here's hoping i can get full marks :)