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L is for ..

I'm always game for trying a new craft. It doesn't matter if its only a tiny wee tester or a big kit project, I'm game for anything.

Often I'll find myself on the Hobbycraft website seeing whats new and more importantly, whats on offer.

I found a couple of kits down in price so i decided to treat myself and stash them away for when I'm feeling crafty or when the weather is less than favourable. My own rainy day box if you will :)

One such item was a lovely cushion kit that's different from anything I've tried before ...
that's why L is For LATCH HOOK.
As you can see the kit is a Owl design but you can get other ones on the site too. The kit at full price is £10 so even if you cant get it on offer (or with student discount) then its still a good value kit.

It is an ideal kit for a beginner to as the canvas has the pattern printed directly onto it. On the back of the box is a grid similar to cross stitch incase you prefer diagram over a colour guide.

Making the design is really easy ... so much so i figured it would be easier showing you a diagram than complicate it by over explaining :)

You then follow the colours (or pattern) and build up the design. The wool can be fluffed slightly giving the impression its "fuller" so you cant see the canvas behind it.
Its building up slowly but surely as I've been doing a little bit at a time over the last couple of nights. I would recommend you put a band of masking tape around the edges (like you can see in the picture) as the canvas is quite stiff and the edges are a little scratchy when your holding it tight.
I'll be continuing a little each night so with any luck, it will be complete by the end of the Easter break. Agent M has already asked that once I'm done i make it into a cushion for his room so I'll be sure to show you guys the finished piece :)

Have you started any new crafts this holiday? Have you ever tried Latch hooking before?