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Magical P45 in the mail

Times are tough for the Easter Bunny.

And for every other fantastical magical creature out there.

Why? Well you see ... I'm the Easter Bunny ... and i'm being made redundant.

Its with a heavy heart i write this post as my fluffy tail is on the chopping block. My tooth shaped wand is due for repossession and my reindeer are about to get confiscated by PETA.

Agent M is growing older and every time a holiday or event comes around that requires me to be magical counter part, i can see him question it a little more. His heart doesn't quite get that flutter of excitement that it used to.

When i tucked him into bed tonight, i reminded him that the Easter bunny would be stopping by if he had been good and was met with a gut wrenchingly indifferent "Oh ok"

Ok? OK?

Dude!!! There is a magical bunny that's coming to bring you chocolate and sweets and all kind of nice treats and the most you can muster is "oh ok"?

I'm loosing my boy to the harsh reality of life i fear. He's 8 going on 80. Long gone are the days of excitement about loosing a tooth, soon he'll be driving away to uni and talking about mortgage interest rates.

Yes folks i'm sad to say, The shine is definitely wearing off the magic sleigh ... My wings ain't as sparkly as they once were ... My pointy ears aren't quite as perky as they used to be.

I have to resign myself to the fact that hes growing up ... He's gonna stop believing soon ... My magical work as a mama is almost over.

Till then i'll wear my ears with pride ... and await my P45 in the post.