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Is it too soon?

"Something you are currently worrying about"

It’s the end of summer here and M is back to school next week and I’ll be honest I’m a little worried about it.

I know that he needs to get back to his education as online learning can only get him so far but with more cases of Covid-19 coming back, its hard to imagine how kids returning full time will impact them. His school have said that wearing masks isn’t mandatory, but he has said he wants to as he is worried. That bothers me as he’s only 13 and he should be excited about seeing his pals again, yet he’s thinking about it in terms of getting sick.

During the whole lock down Covid-19 thing, I have made a point to keep home the safe space. This means that the epidemic wasn’t discussed. If he had questions, then I would obviously answer them but during calls with family I didn’t allow the subject to be discussed. Partially as it became somewhat of a anxiety trigger for me but also cause I didn’t want M to start to worry. He’s still a child and doesn’t need to know about the nitty gritty of life. He knows to wash his hands regularly and keep a safe distance. That’s all he needs to know; not how many people have died in this area or how high the death counts have got across the world.

But he is back to school next week where I can only hope the other kids are as responsible as him and that he doesn’t catch anything to bring back to me.

I have a weak immune system at the best of times and if my little stay over with the NHS has taught me anything its that we as a family need to be with each other. If I end up in hospital again, he’s not gonna do well and I most definitely am not. We need to stay healthy to be there for each other. And I need him to stay healthy as he’s my whole world and the idea of something happening to him scared the crap out of me.