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Power of attraction

"What kind of person attracts you?"

It depends on how I’m being “attracted”. 

What I am attracted to in a partner is slightly different to what I’m attracted to in friends.

So, breaking it down partner wise ...

Eyes get me every time and beards are a huge thing for me. I love running my fingers though a beard. Its so relaxing to me for some reason so the bigger and bushier the better.

Body type doesn’t bother me – Big, small, tall, short – Those are just physical points of genetic chance. Personality is the selling point. I love to be silly and laugh. Not everyone likes that so for me if you can’t make me laugh then its not going to go anywhere.

They have to match my random-nisk. I’m such a weird person. I can be having a conversation about one thing and it will trigger a thought in my head, and I will go completely off tangent into another conversation. I have managed to have some interesting chats that way. If they can keep up, then they are in for a treat. M and I are always doing this. 

Understanding of my dynamics is actually a make or break for me. I’m a mum first and foremost. M will always come before anyone, even myself, so if a potential partner had issues with that, he’s not gonna last. Another thing is my mental health. This is me and I’m never going to be able to change that part of myself so instead of fighting it I’m learning to live with it. If he can’t deal, then he has no place in this family.

Friendship wise I’m attracted to people who connect with me mentally. My bestie for example is similar to me in the ways that count so we have that connection – but she is also different enough that we keep each other entertained and have things we can learn from each other. I think of friends as a family you pick and I like my friends to complement my life, not make it difficult.

I guess that’s why I have few friends. I favour quality over quantity.

I like to have a laugh with my friends, and I don’t do well with closed minded people. It always ends in arguments, so it never works for more than an acquaintance. Being weird works well in their favour and if they can keep up with how my mind works then all the better.