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Blogmas Day 1 - #OperationXmas

Well folks, Its the first of December ...

With it comes the Advent Calenders counting down till Santa comes to visit, the last minute rushes to the shops for Christmas prezzies and the lists being made of when to cook the turkey and when to crack open the gin.

Today is the official start of #OperationXmas in the Crafty home, the yearly run up where i fill my days with festive themed parties, wrap those presents all pretty and try to make it as special as possible for Agent M.

Thanks to fellow bloggers however, i have also discovered something called "Blogmas" -  the premise of which is to blog every day in the run up to Christmas day. *Since this Grinchy mama is trying to grow my heart a couple of sizes before the big day, i figure this would be a good way to jolly my holly and get into the festive spirit*

So to kick of December we climbed into the loft and brought out the Christmas tree.

Now, my family will tell you i am a nightmare these days when it comes to this tree. For 3 years in a row i didn't bother putting a tree up. *I know, i know ... I'm a terrible mama. I've heard it all before* 

But I've been trying and begrudgingly put up the tree last year.

This year however i decided that if i had to do the whole tree thing i was gonna do it my way. I wanted a new tree. The one we had was bought when we first moved in 13+ years ago so even though it done us well, the massive holes in the body where the branches had thinned were doing nothing for me anymore. Thankfully Agent D managed to get a brand new massive 7ft tree for £30 for us this year.

Plus side is a black one ... Which I've always wanted ...
Down side is its branches are tipped in glitter ... Don't even get me started *shudders*

Last year i bought some Villain and Nightmare Before Christmas baubles from the Disney store so i decided to get some tinsel to match. I found some in home bargains which was gorgeous. Its kind of carnival colour of Purple, Blue and Bronze but it matches the baubles and at 99p for 3 meters, it really was a bargain.
Gorgeous Disney Villains baubles

Might be from 2013 but my Nightmare Before Christmas baubles are still lovely :)

The finished tree looked lovely, Especially with the new colour changing star i got at Argos for less than half price ... All in, I'm actually enjoying the tree this year.

And seeing Agent M's face is worth the months I'll be finding glitter