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Blogmas Day 5 - Christmas Beauty Savings

Yesterday after college i went to my local Salon Services as they were having a VAT free day.

The store was recently refurbished and as a result they were having a 'launch day' with loads of savings.

I love Salon Services anyways and since i got my Trade card I've loved it all the more cause i can look pretty while being on a tight budget:)

I'm in the mood for a change of colour.

My hair was Black for nearly a decade from a box dye *I know, i know, don't judge me!* so i decided to take them up on some of the offers and get myself some hair colour.

XP100 is what we work with in class. Its not the best of the best available I'm told, but its affordable, its easy to work with and i like the results.

They were doing the tubes (which have 2 applications for medium length hair) half price for the day. Let me explain this saving so you get why I'm so happy ...

XP100 is £8.99 rrp retail ... Trade price is £4.49 (before VAT) ... I got each tube for £2.25 VAT FREE!

3 tubes for £6.75 total = save £6.72 trade price (£20.22 retail)

Their litre bottles of peroxide were on offer too so i grabbed a couple ... my saving?

1 bottle is £5.99 rrp retail ... Trade price is £3.19 (Before VAT) ... i got each bottle for 99p VAT FREE

3 bottles for £2.97 total = save £6.60 trade price (£15 retail)

I can do my hair properly (not a dreaded box dye in sight) and at a fraction of the cost ... *I'm mentally going cha-ching right now lol* 

I'm excited!

What colour am i going? Well, having had my hair pretty much every colour and i decided i wanted to go back to the reds. I don't know why but i really like having deep red colour. So i went for the 7.62 Red Scarlet.

(though i have a 6/35 chocolate brown waiting should it go pear shaped and end up bright orange lol)

While i was there, i found this gorgeous little gift set from O.P.I

They joined together with Coca Cola and have a limited edition Nail enamel and mini teddy to wear in the festive season.

The Nail enamel is the full 15mm size which is a bonus as some times the gift sets are smaller sized bottles.

O.P.I is, in my opinion, one of the best brands out there (China Glaze coming a close second). There are loads of colours in the range and their special editions are always worth the price tag (even more so if you get it cheaper i.e TK Max or Online).

The colour itself is a glitter red with tiny white hearts and the base colour is a translucent red tint so you would have to apply loads of coats to wear it alone (you shouldn't do it as one thick coat - it wont last and takes forever to dry).

I think it would love lovely as a top coat over a Matt red so i decided to treat myself and i bought one for an extra special addition to someones Christmas :)

It was a bargain too thanks to my trade card but i wont share that price tag just yet in case she reads this lol