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Chocolate Biscoff Bites

Have you ever tried those little Lotus biscuits? They are caramel flavoured and with a cup of coffee are just AMAZING! 

If you haven't, you need to get down to the supermarket to give them a try ... and while your there, nip to the preserves isle and pick up a jar of it too.

No that's not a typo, i did say jar!

The geniuses at Lotus have turned the Biscoff biscuits into a sort of cookie butter. Its so rich and creamy which is just nom nom nom.

Granted I've only tried the creamy one, its lovely in porridge, with apple slices and Agent M loves it on toast.

Its yummy!

I was messing about in the kitchen making Marshmallow treats and i realised i still had loads of melted chocolate left in the bowl. Usually i would add rice crispies or corn flakes but i dint have any so i was just going to let it set. I went in the cupboard for my chocolate mould when i seen the Biscoff jar just sitting there and i had a brain wave.

What would it taste like with chocolate?

The answer?


So i made up some little rolo type like bites ... and am gonna share them with you lovely peeps :)

I don't have the exact quantities you will need as this depends on the mould and the amount you want to make ... Its going to be a judgement call on your part.

The basics are a chocolate mould (i cant fault the silicone ones, i use them all the time), some chocolate (i used milk but you can use whichever you prefer) and a jar of the biscoff spread (i used the creamy but you could always give your bites some crunch).

You need to melt the chocolate and coat the inside of the mould. I did this by putting a teaspoon in each space and then using the end to coat the edges. The chocolate will slide back down but keep coating as it dries.

I set it in the fridge before i added the Biscoff just to make sure it would be encased in the chocolate.

Once set add a little to the centre and try to spread it out a bit. Once they all have some Spread in, Fill the cups with the remaining chocolate. 

Give the edges of each cup a little squeeze to that any air bubbles will be brought to the top and any spaces left will be filled. You may need to top up the chocolate so they are all level. 

Stick them in the fridge for a few hours (or if possible overnight) so they are completely hard, then pop them out the mould.

Done! :)

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