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Blogmas Day 21 - I'm definitely on the naughty list!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear ...

Its been a while since i done a Blogmas post.

All these festive activities along with finishing up school and college for the year, it all just got away from me.

But fear not, I'm back and although I'm definitely on Santa's naughty list this year *I'm told I've got the "mouth of a sailor" when I'm frustrated and a bit stressed*. I'm hoping I'm not on your naughty list.

I do have some happy news to share ...

I've passed every assessment so far and am working my way through my client list to tick off as many set and dry assessments as i can (there are 9+ to do on in setting alone!*eek*).

After a wee trip to Salon Services yesterday, I'm stocked up to practise my sets and winds over the holidays. I'm adamant to get it complete by February (provided i can get the clients).

With so many other areas like Clipper cutting and Long Hair dressing to move onto after the holidays, I've got alot of assessments to knock out. Am hoping like mad i pass the course.

Agent M managed to make it through his Panto and his Christmas party. The Santa that came to visit was realistic enough to prevent any questions. He's now thinking that his friend was just being silly when he said Santa wasn't real. "He's trying to trick me" is his reasoning and i ain't gonna set him right any time soon.

Speaking of Santa, I've still not been able to get him the Minecraft Creation box. Its sold out everywhere that is selling it RRP and those selling it for £160+ on eBay are just pure evil to be honest. It is supposed to be £50, Don't sell it for ridiculous amounts just to make a disgusting profit. I know everyone wants to make a penny or two but that's ripping the p**s a bit and it leaves us parents feeling like sh*te cause we cant get the thing our kids want the most.

I have bought him the Minecraft books and Agent D bought him the game so I'm praying that its gonna be OK for him. I'm sure it will. He'll just be delighted hes got something but i as his mum am left stressing out cause i cant afford to spoil him like i want to. *That's my issue though i suppose*

Second lot of prezzies delivered and wrapped

I've finished all my Christmas shopping and after a few hours of wrapping, I'm all set for the big day. Remember i was aiming to save £400 for Christmas? Well i managed to save that plus spent a bit extra (I'm gonna regret that in January) but everyone will love what they got and i can make do without for a bit longer. I don't get to spoil them too often.

Yesterday we went to Asda and done the 'big food shop' for the holidays. Ive not seen my fridge and freezer stocked like that in a while but we bought enough to last till the new year so i cant wait to see what i can come up with in the kitchen :)
Granted my table wont look as perfect as this :)

Agent D still has a few days left at work before he's off so Agent M and i can get our aprons on and make treats.

I'll be honest I'm looking forward to the potential long lie tomorrow morning. *I say potential as Agent M will no doubt still be up at the butt crack of dawn but i can dream*

Till then though I'll continue my usually Sunday of housework catch up and drinking ungodly amounts of tea :)

Happy Weekend before Christmas all you lovely peoples :)