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Blogmas Day 22 - Baby its cold outside

It was typical Scottish weather today ... Rain followed by more rain. To be honest, I'm used to it. It doesn't actually bother me much cause at the end of the day its just water.

Where i have the problem is when the water turns a bit more than inconvenient ... It can become bleeding dangerous which is what we woke up to today.

The rain was heavy last night and didn't stop, so the rivers that run through the town were overflowing by morning, resulting in streets being closed, roundabouts being cut off and folk getting stranded.

All day i had my heart in my throat cause Agent D was out from early hours for work and by lunch time we had no clue how he was gonna get back. 

I was watching all the traffic updates and checking Facebook to see updates on the roads around the town. Thankfully by the time he was due to come home we had it worked out and he made it only 40 minutes later than i expected.

Its gonna be a long week cause according to the weather folk, Its gonna be raining right up to Christmas day ... and for a couple of days later. 

Definitely a merry Christmas for the ducks but its gonna be a flooded one round here.

So while i was weather watching, Agent M and I spent the first day of his holidays in our warm jammies with the heating on and making some festive decorations. 

I bought a few craft kits from Wilko last week to keep him occupied, so he closed his eyes and pulled one out the bag. 

This was the winner.

Now, before i bother anyone with pictures of Agent M sewing ... I will say now that I don't believe in treating young children according to their gender. 

I don't think that boys should just rough house and girls should play with dolls. I think its great when i see little boys playing with toy kitchens and little girls playing with cars.

I've had this debate with loads of parents and i just get so annoyed when they have a go because i bake with him and we sew.

These are skills i think EVERYONE should have!

If i had a daughter I'd be encouraging Agent D to teach her about cars right along side Agent M and I'd teach her to cook just like i am with him. They would get the same chances and be treated the exact same!

Anyway ... He needed minimal help from mama doing this kit which he was chuffed with and his finished decorations turned out gorgeous :)

We've got another 4 kits left in the bag so we should be set for activities should the rain make us house bound this Christmas. I'm so glad i keep the goodie bag well stocked :)