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Blogmas Day 4 - Preparation Clearout

I'm not a step ford wife.

I've never claimed to be, i never pretended to be and i never want to be.

My house isn't perfect. As i type i have the dinner dishes sat by the sink waiting to get washed tomorrow. My shoes were kicked off in the at the front door that will be picked up in the morning and i have a washing basket that has magical properties (its like the weeping angels from Doctor who ... take your eyes off it for a second and it grows bigger).

My house isn't a show house. Its a home. I honestly don't care about the spider web in the corner of the celling and there is every chance in the world that you can run your finger along the tops of my picture frames and find a herd of dust bunnies. My home is where i come home at the end of the night and can snuggle up on the sofa with my boys and just relax.

Don't get me wrong my home is clean. There are some toys in storage boxes and the odd strand of thread can be found clinging to a jumper sleeve. My cushions aren't always sitting perfect and there is a biscuit crumb or two can be found on the rug. I don't hoover everyday! Its a 'lived in' home ... Which seems to drive Agent D mental of late. He's got this idea in his head that we should have a mass clear out of all the rooms in the house 3 WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!

Seriously? Dude has lost his god damn mind! So yesterday i didn't get the chance to blog as i was up to my eyeballs in boxes of photos, black bags full of clothes that no-longer fit, Toys that are no longer played with and my books, Oh god my books *sobs into my mug*.

I'm a big reader. Ive always got at least 2 books on the go at any one time. I love just loosing myself in a great story. When Agent D offered to buy me a Kindle last Christmas i didn't realise it was the beginning of the end of my book collection. *still sobbing*

Last night when Agent D started his "Do you need it?", "Can we get rid of this?" rampage. i didn't expect him to turn on my bookcase.

Long story short as i am genuinely upset over this, I threw out a shelf and a half worth of my books to make room. I didn't even bother trying to explain that i cant afford to put them on the Kindle "Cause that's what it was bought for" ... I guess I'll get the ones i really want over time *cusses out the Kindle for the death of the paperback*

Just a small section of my books

On the plus side once its done ... cause I've been left to finish it over the weekend, it will look lovely and i do agree, we did need to have a clear out of stuff we hadn't used in a while. Also apologies for the 2 posts in one day

Seriously hope Santa leaves a kindle gift card under the tree this year though :(