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H is For

Oh look, i can make a "two-for" on today's post ... What with me making a special Christmas prezzie for my mum.

I had big plans for her Christmas. I wanted to do a big thing for her but problems with my bursary and time constrains meant i had to go for a mini version. Plus with her not coming up, i had postal worries but none the less i made her up a mini version.

Made her What?

Why i made her a goodie basket of sorts. That's why for my #ProjectAtoZ ... H is for Hamper.

*Although i suppose it could be H is For Handmade too ... it really is a two-for*

I asked my mum if there was anything in particular she needed. Having been under the weather i wanted to get her something that might cheer her up. Some fluffy Jammies or a nice wee Soap and Glory set? She asked for a DVD ... which gave me the idea of a night in themed hamper.

Cause my mum stays so far away (350+ miles) i was worried about how it was gonna get down to her but my dad is going down to see my little Sister this weekend so i thought, i could ask him to play post man (my wee sister lives down near my mum).

Because there was alot of travel though i had to think of things to make that would last the 7+ hours down as well as still be edible for a week after.

Chocolate was the first thing i wanted to add. Who wouldn't want chocolate on a movie night in?

I made up some Marshmallows treats and some chocolate cups.

The cups were originally meant to be chocolate bark but i think the cups look cuter don't you? 

Its just melted chocolate set in silicon cupcake cases with toppings. For the Dark chocolate i used salted Pretzels and the white chocolate i used dried Cranberries on one and festive sprinkles on the other.

I bought a tiny jar to fill with hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows. My intention was so she wan make snowman soup ... but i added an adult friendly alternative to the candy cane *Wink Wink*

I added some shortbread (store bought as i ran outta time) and a mini gingerbread house along with the homemade honeycomb and chocolate cups.

I really hope she likes it :)

Did you make any gifts this year?