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Snowman Soup

I dont know what the weather is like where you are but up here in the west of Scotland its FREEZING!

We've had it all the last few days by way of weather
Sun ... Snow ... Hail ... Frost ... Winds ... Thunder ... Lightning 
and the whole time its been been baltic.

As Agent M says, "Its snowman weather"

So what better way to deal with it than making Snowman soup.

Surely you will have heard of Snowman soup by now? Its Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and stirred with a candy cane. Its a festive twist on the classic hot chocolate with a peppermint and its yummy :)

After a long day on my feet at college, its sometimes nice to just chill out on the sofa with a DVD and a nice warm drink. I highly recommend some Snowman Soup *You can even adult it up a bit with a little shot of Baileys but dear god DONT GET THE MUGS MIXED UP!!!*

This is also a perfect last minute gift to make for teachers which can be packaged up in loads of different ways along with a fun little rhyme 

You can add the ingredients into a cone, make it up in a bag or if you want you can package it up in a mug.

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