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Blogmas Day 16 - wasted day?

This is gonna be a short post cause 
a) I'm typing on my phone as this horrible wind keeps knocking my internet off and 
b) I'm feeling really crappy.

Today has probably been a wasted day when i consider its been my last day off before Christmas. After today all days off will involve Agent M so ive messed up a little by not taking advantage and wrapping prezzies or by doing some last minute shopping.

Instead ive been working my way slowly through the housework. Taking my cold and flu tablets and praying that the pressure in my head doesn't burst a blood vessel (would be typical really).

The joys of winter i guess.

So long as i can keep going so everyone gets to where they need to be and scrape through the last week at college then I'll be laughing.

Agent M has his School Christmas party tomorrow, a trip to the panto Thursday and the Christmas service and early finish Friday.

I have assessment every day this week, so ive been studying in between bouts to the washing machine or running along the floor with the hoover. Fingers crossed!

I've been hitting the tea hard and fast today though, with a wee milky bar bear for sugar. Cant really stomach the idea of a big meal.

Till then though folks im off to bed for an early night and snuggles with Agent D :)