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Blogmas Day 24 - Christmas Eve

Its the big night before the big day.

And I'm happy to say I'm prepared!

Agent D had a half day at work so he came home at lunch time, closely followed by my aunt dropping Agent M back off.

Today was my first proper day off college (since I'm not in on a Monday and Tuesday). It was nice to just lie in bed till 9am and lounge about for a bit. A rarity i enjoy :)

Agent D gets a Turkey and 2 bottles of wine from his work at Christmas so it was the last thing we needed for the dinner.

The turkey he got is HUGE!

The top picture is his hand next to it. Safe to say we'll be eating turkey for a while lol. He divided it in half and then sectioned that into quarters so we have 4 turkey joints in the freezer and half a bird prepared for tomorrows dinner.

My kitchen smells amazing cause he made up some butter with crushed garlic, fresh rosemary and orange zest and juice. He sliced up some oranges to place inside the bird and its sitting in the fridge to marinade overnight.

I cant wait to taste it :)

We of course had to make sure that snacks were left out for Santa tonight so Agent M decided we needed a carrot for the reindeer to share (since i vito'd one each), some Oreo's for Santa and a glass of milk.

Here's hoping that Agent M has been a good enough boy this year for Santa to come.

Something tells me he will though :)