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Blogmas Day 14 - A lazy festive Sunday

Well people its two weeks into the Blogmas project and so far so good :)

Its also only 10 days till Christmas Eve - Or if you ask Agent M, its "11 more sleeps till Santa comes" ... Its coming in fast folks!

So since I'm running outta time before the madness begins, I'm taking today as an opportunity to just chill out a bit. Catch up on my washing, strip the beds and have a PJ day (and looking at the wind and rain outside, I'm glad for it!).

We had a nice warm winter breakfast today with a festive twist and a warm mug of Snowman Soup

I've lucked out with Agent M cause he's always loved fruit and veg so he has some for of dried fruit in his porridge (raisins, banana chips, apricot etc)

I've been trying to get into the festive spirit too ... I have soooooo many nail enamels in a box under my bed i decided to crack some of them out.

I got the Red Nails Inc free from an issue of Glamour Magazine. When it goes on its a beautiful rich red and I've got lots of O.P.I bottles. This one is a Limited Edition Minnie Mouse. It has a red transparent tint with red and white glitter through it.

When you apply the O.P.I you need to wait to for each coat to dry before you can add another as the glitter just lifts straight up. I applied 2 coats of each enamel and even then the glitter is subtle. I suppose you could keep going to build it up but i like how its just a flash of sparkle.

I'm hoping to find a rich Green colour to try out some of the Christmas nail art i found on pinterest ... 

Have you found a nice colour? If so, your recommendations are welcome :)

What do you guys like to do on your lazy Sundays?