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Blogmas Day 23 - A Night Out

Just a wee quicky post for tonight as I'm enjoying a nice with my lovely man.

Got a nice little surprise from my Aunt this morning when she called and asked if Agent M could stay over. His little cousin had been desperate to have him over night and Agent M was jumping with excitement when i told him.

Another bonus to that was i could get the last of the prezzies that were delivered wrapped without him sneaking by the living room door and that when Agent D came home from work, We got to have a night out.

We don't get a night out often as when my Dad takes Agent M, Normally Agent D has to work so we end up in bed with a DVD and asleep by 9pm.

Tonight however we decided to go out (even though he is working tomorrow .. He's a total sweetheart).

I've been saving up my Odeon Premier points for the last Hobbit movie so while we had a free night we decided to go.

I love the Odeon cause on a Tuesday they do tickets from £5 which means i don't have to sell a kidney to take the boys out, plus having the premier card means that i collect points which can be used to get food or tickets.

They also do student discounts and the Kids screen for £3 a ticket is brilliant to take Agent M to at weekends (I'm desperate to see Box Trolls this weekend coming)

Anyway, We had an extra hour to kill so we went to KFC for dinner ... Kinda wished we didn't though cause the food was cold and the service was really slow :( 

The film was AMAZING! Without spoiling it for those who haven't seen it yet, its really good. Some sad bits in it and alot of battles (but then its called The Battle of the Five Armies so you could have guessed that lol).

Right now however, we're snuggled up in bed watching Grimm before we fall asleep so I'll need to love you and leave you here folks :)