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Blogmas Day 3 - Letters to Santa

Agent M is normally really good with things like making his Santa list.

He's always been told that he should ask for 3 things in the hopes that he's been nice enough to get one of them. This way the elves have a little flexibility should they run out of stock of one thing or the other has been a bit too much to "make".

Previous years have included asking for things like a Ben 10 bike, The Lego Bat cave and a Nintendo DS which have all been successful ... the requests for Lego Death Stars and baby siblings have been rejected (and shall continue to be!!!).

But this year he's a bit more indecisive than normal.

2 items have stayed the same ... Lego Minecraft Creation box and the Minecraft game but the 3rd keeps changing.

What with the impending visit growing ever closer, i informed him that today during my lunch break at college i had a phone call from one of Santa's elves asking if Agent M wasn't wanting anything this year since they hadn't received his list.

This seemed to light a fire under him as he was all for writing his letter. I printed him out a lovely template (since i couldn't find a nice one in the shops) and he got to work.

I was sat with a cuppa on the sofa when he came down with it ... Ready to fold and place on the tree for the elves to pick up tonight.


I've lucked out though cause the mystery gift he was asking for (Minecraft Handbook collection) just happens to be in my Amazon basket waiting to pay for :)